Koradi Lake – Nagpur

Is Fighting for Survival, Let’s Help Rejuvenate & Restore Her A brief ProfileOnce a beautiful lake in a perimeter of over 8 kilometres, at geographical coordinates of 21°14′56″N 79°5′56″E, just about 17 kilometres northwards of the city of Nagpur. It is a natural lake with mythological importance, due to the MahaLakshmi Jagdamba Mata Temple that […]

Sakkardara Lake – Nagpur

The very existence of Sakkardara Nagpur, is a question mark today, let’s help rejuvenate & restore the Waterbody Long-Lat of 21o 07’19.23″N  – 79o 06’53.31″E, Elevation of 305m from the sea level, postal address Sakkardara Lake, Somwarpet, Ayodhya Nagar, Nagpur -440024. Sakkardara Lake which was built in the 18th century (approximately 200 years old), during […]

Ramala Lake – Chandrapur

Eutrophication of Ramala Lake – Chandrapuris making it dead with sewage input. Join us to revive it from death bed. Ramala tank was built by Gond King Khandkya Ballal Shah at the time of laying the foundations of the town wall. It runs along the north-east section of the wall and was renovated and repaired […]

Ram Katora Kund – Varanasi

Death of Ram Katora Kund will spread diseases – both vector borne and bacterial. Let’s save it for saving human lives. Ram Katora Kund in the temple complex of Shri Ram – Janki Temple, at Varanasi is believed to be about over 200 years old and was known to have miraculous medicinal properties at some […]

Nainital Lake – Nainital

Let’s revive The Nainital Lake, dying every moment due to sewage and pollution, created by us Naini – Tal Lake, as the name suggests Naini (नैनी) means “Eyes” and Tal (ताल) means “Lake” gets its name from the eyes of Devi Sati, wife of Lord Shiva. It is said that the shimmering green waters of […]