“Huaz Khas” or the “lake of royals” – Delhi

The very existence of “Huaz Khas” or the “lake of royals” – Delhi,
is a question mark today, let's help rejuvenate & restore the Waterbody

Usually people call it Hauz Khas lake, but that’s repetition, since “Hauz” means “water tank / lake” and “Khas” means “royal / for royals / elite”. Primarily built up by the Emperors of Delhi for the royal family, thus it was called “Huaz Khas” or the “lake of royals”.


Later, Feroz Shah Tughlaq [1351 AD – 1388 AD] of the Tughlaq dynasty liked the basic concept of the settlement done by Ala-ud-din Khilji in Siri Fort, Hauz-e-Alai and the nearby madarsas. So he decided to renovate, rehabilitate and re-dig the lake and clean the inlet channels that were clogged by dirt and mud and make it into a larger waterbody. This renovated hauz then measured 123.6 acres in area with a width of 600 metres and length of 700 metres with a water depth of approximately 4 metres.


But that was then, and this is now. Today, the size has considerably reduced due to siltation, modern developments, colony settlements and land encroachment. Today, it is a lake enclosed in an area of 58515 sq.mt. with an average depth of 2.2m and a periphery of 1 kilometer. The bottom of the lake was refilled with a thick layer of lean concrete in the year 1968 with a view to stop the tremendous percolation losses. But, within 40 years, when the restoration work was being carried out in year 2002, it was observed that the layer had crumbled and has become completely defunct. Trees had taken roots in shallow mud pockets in the bottom of the tank and several more had been planted along the periphery of the lake. The vegetation had become a nightmare as it multiplies the organic load through decay and dead leaves falling on the waterbody.

The key source of water supply is the Vasant Kunj STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) that discharges 2.5 million gallons of treated effluent to the lake. Moreover three different storm water drainage channels (from JNU, IITD & Sanjay van) carrying sewage / treated effluent and runoff water also have some contribution.

The direct rainfall in monsoon that recharges the fresh water is between July to September, 35000 cubic meters approximately (i.e., 58000 sq.m x 0.60 m).

Water Quality

A study conducted in the year 2014, published in International Journal of Current Research, Vol. 6, Issue, 11, pp.9963-9969, November, 2014, on the water quality of Hauz Khas, conducted by Disha Jain and Dr. Zakir Hussain, confirms that the water in the lake is neither good for drinking, nor bathing, nor irrigation and nor aquaculture or fish farming. The concentration of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite is high, pH was alkaline (9.7 and higher) and an algal bloom was observed during physical inspection of the lake.

As per a report from CWC, due to the hot weather of Delhi the daily evaporation from the hauz is about 5.42 mm/day that dries up the lake significantly, especially when the bottom of the tank isn’t linked to the underground aquifer, due to the huge sludge deposition over the years.

“Huaz Khas” or the “lake of royals” - Delhi

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