Khalay Talab – Kawardha

Khalay Talab - Kawardha,
is fighting for survival, let's help rejuvenate & restore her

Khaley talab, Present Day Condition – beautification is done by Balco, Vedanta Group. Lotus plantation is done. Water color was greyish green that means pH was imbalanced towards acidic side, as water lilies and lotus can withstand both side of pH, the plantation is successfully,

the water was found to be smelly, which means anaerobic bacteria is flourishing and the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is lower than desired. About 2.23 hectare of area, which means about 66.99 million liters of water.

The remediation process would require uprooting of the lotus crop, as lotus plantation would restrict the sunlight to enter to the waterbody, and our remediation process is based on photosynthesis, which cannot work in absence of light photons. Thus administration is required to take a call on whether to continue with lotus or not.

Khalay Talab - Kawardha

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